Januari 2022.




Passion project

In this case I will show my passion project, I like to cook and share this with other people. But some people are not able to cook for themselves. That’s why i created an app where people in the neighborhood can offer to cook for other people, this way the people that are unable to cook can still enjoy a normal dinner. The app also makes it possible to get to know your neighbors easier and bring the neighborhood together


Grade: 8,4


Eating is an activity we engage in every day. We prepare some exciting dishes for ourselves. However, there are individuals who cannot cook and frequently ordering from a restaurant is not an ideal solution. To solve this issue, my challenge was to locate a solution that is as local as possible.


The solution is an app where you can cook for each other within your neighborhood. Someone states that he or she will make a dish on a definite date. People from the neighborhood can then let that person know if they want to eat with them. Pick up is also possible, of course. In this way, people who are not able to cook will have a freshly made meal, and less food will be wasted by the cook.

The process



In this stage im looking into the the target group, what do they want?



What functions will be included in the app, and how will the page structure look



Making lo-fi sketches, styleguide, and a first Hi-fi design.


Prototype and test

Testing the different versions with the target group, working out all flows.

01. Research

Research questions and target group

Research by Statistics Netherlands shows that the average age that young people leave home is 24.6 years. Because the Netherlands is very densely populated, there is a good chance that these people will live in a neighborhood with a high population density.

Almost everyone over the age of 35 lives alone and therefore is within my target group.

Six in 7 people over the age of 80 still live on their own. Although these people can fall into my target group, they usually do not have a smartphone, so I do not include this age category in my target group

On average, 1 in 3 households cooks every day of the week, “the kitchen still mainly prepares the traditional Dutch pot: a stew or potatoes with vegetables and meat or fish” (Eenvandaag, rosemary, 14 May 2020,). 21 percent of households order something at least once a week.

If you take an average household, you cook at home 5.5 times a week. Ready meals and takeaway meals are eaten together on average once a week.

On average, 35% from 12 years old occasionally order a meal online, 21% of these households order something every week.

A survey by Statistics Netherlands shows that 87% of people between the ages of 16 and 75 have a smartphone, which shows that the vast majority of my target group has experience with smartphone and app use.

A survey by research agency GfK shows that the Dutch give themselves an average of 7 when it comes to cooking. Other people are rated with a 6.3.

46% of the respondents wanted to learn how to cook better, for 18 to 29 year olds this is even 69%. By means of a help function in the app, these people can become better at cooking. It could also be useful if recipes are shared so that they can practice themselves.

Research by the NIBUD shows that Dutch people between the ages of 14 and 50 spend an average of 2.10 euros on a warm home meal, which is a good indication of the recommended costs if people from the neighborhood ask for money for a meal.

02. Strategy




Things I included in the app:

  • Possibility to eat at a neighbors place
  • searching for different food
  • Adding the possibility to add an advertisement you are cooking
  • Exchange food
  • Placing recipes 
  • Adding a proposal where people in the neighborhood can react on


03. Design

lo-fi sketches

A few of the lo-fi sketches I made, a starting point where it is easy to make some change if needed.

Style guide

Hi-fi version 1

In my first design I developed 7 screens , these screens form the heart of the app. The homepage and a short flow to reserve a meal somewhere in your neighbourhood are the screens that are the most imortant for the user.

04. prototype and test

Version 1 testing

In the first user test session, I tested how they would respond in the app’s interface. By giving them a few tasks to perform in the app, I discovered the following improvements.

Points of improvement :

  • Button on card is actually not necessary
  • Cards are not readable
  • Filter is not clear enough
  • Cooking for the neighborhood button is not clear enough
  • Exchange is not clearly indicated
  • Test person waits a long time when making a choice on the order page (1 action per screen is better)

Changes made

Feedback on the first version was that the cards where hard to read, thats why I redesigned them and highlighted the most important info.

From one screen with a lot of choices to multiple screens with 1 question per page.

In the new version the user will see a timer with the time left to let the Neighbour know your eating with them, second thing that has been changed is the “persons” to “portions”

Version 2

Version 2 testing

In the second user test session, I noticed a lot of problems from last time are not there anymore. A few new feedback points showed up and where not as major in comparison with the first version test.

Points of improvement :

  • Users have no idea when the deadline to place a order is
  • It filter does not let you choose what distance you would like to travel 
  • When opened filter does take  a lot of space 
  • Having a “healty” “unhealty” is a bit off

Changes made

In the new version the user will see a timer with the time left to let the neighbor know your eating with them, second thing that has been changed is the “persons” to “portions”

 The filter page needed a few changes, setting the date to when the user would like to search has been proven to be not necessary, the length of the filter categories has been decreased and takes up less space now. And a search distance has been filter has been included.

Final version

Working out all flows in the final version, after finishing I tested this version with my user group and made some changes

Try the prototype app

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