Who am i?

Who am i?

My name is Sem Spiekman, a 25-year-old designer who studies at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In the last few years, I have been busy designing digital media. In 2016, I started at The Nova College  Haarlem, where I followed the study Digital design. There I learned a lot about designing websites, apps, working with images, and other digital media.


In 2019, I graduated from The Nova College. At the moment, I am studying Communication Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, currently in the fourth year. I already have some experience in the field. In 2019, I did an internship at Avidly in Finland for 6 months. Avidly is a large design and marketing company in Scandinavia. I lived in Liverpool for 1 month to work on a project. In 2021, I successfully did a 3-month internship at Clutch in Amsterdam. And in 2023, I chose to live in Madrid for 6 months to do my internship at Propelland.


My focus and passion are interaction (ux/ui) and behavioral design, and I would like to develop my skills in the upcoming years.

My Experience

Start Nova college

In 2016 I started my journey at The Nova College in Haarlem, and followed the study media vormgever (digital designer)

Short Intership

In my first year I did a short internship at Floone in Haarlem. A filming company. Learned the basics of filming.

2 Months intership

In my second year I started my 2 months internship at Surf&Turf in Haarlem.

Curious about my experience? 

Popup school liverpool

At the end of my second year I was offered to go abroad to  improve my english  and work at a project in Liverpool. I lived there with 3 other students and followed daily english lessons, a experience to never forget!

6 Months intership in Finland

In my last year of my study at the Nova College I chose to go to Finland together with Milo, a good friend, to do my 6 months intership. A real adventure. 

Want to know more?

Graduation Nova College

In 2019 I graduated from the study media vormgever, In 3 years I learned a lot of new things, from websites to photograpy. 

Start Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

In 2019 I started the study Communication Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


3 Months Internship at Clutch

During the second semester of my second year I did an internship at a design agency named Clutch in Amsterdam. Here I worked on projects and improved my skills.

6 months internship in Madrid

In my fourth year I decided to do my internship in Madrid. At a company named Propelland. Here I learned a lot about UX/UI design and got to know the Spanish culture

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